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  1. JadaDev

    Reaper WoW 3.3.5a | Instant 255 Fun Server

    @Etox @PrivateDonut @Allelujah Thank you guys ❤️
  2. JadaDev

    Reaper WoW 3.3.5a | Instant 255 Fun Server

    Thank you guys for the good wishing!
  3. JadaDev

    Official Emudevs Update (October Update)

    Yeah the theme is honestly SICK and super good i can't say anything about it more than just beautiful and good work, not throwing flowers but what is real need to be said! Good job for whoever made this!
  4. JadaDev

    [Discussion] Database Backups: Manaual or Automated Backups Directly From Discord

    Great Job bro, it's really amazing to finally have such cool Discord Bot!You really should consider my suggestion, it'll be really great to have it!
  5. JadaDev

    Official Emudevs Update (October Update)

    Nice Halloween theme! didn't like much the domain change but maybe it's a new evolution!
  6. JadaDev

    Lua Hunter Pet 2023-10-04

    This script allows the player to :1. Increase Pet happiness using an existing spell. 2. Reset the Pet talents.Only usable by Hunters
  7. JadaDev

    Hunter Pet

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Hunter Pet - This script gives the player happiness to his pet and also has option to reset the pet talent.Read more about this resource...
  8. JadaDev

    3.3.5a ItemExtendedCost Price Maker Tool v0.1 BETA

    PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS TOOL IF YOUR ITEMS WEREN'T MADE WITH FULL SET MAKER V5 Introduction The ItemExtendedCost Tool is a utility designed for TrinityCore World of Warcraft private servers. It allows you to create and manage custom item prices known as "ItemExtendedCost." These prices can...
  9. JadaDev

    ItemExtendedCost Price Maker Tool

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:ItemExtendedCost Price Maker Tool - This tool works perfectly if you used FULL SET Maker V5.Read more about this resource...
  10. JadaDev

    Resolved Lua Script for Dismount on ZoneID (For Jump Event) Trinitycore 3.3.5 Rev 2022

    Great job bro ❤️ it looks clean and does the trick
  11. JadaDev

    [C++]Levelup 80 to 255 Latest TrinityCore

    How to Extend Level Cap from 80 to 255 in TrinityCore This guide will help you increase the level cap for characters from 80 to 255 in World of Warcraft TrinityCore. We'll make the necessary code changes in the player.cpp file located at src\server\game\Entities\player\player.cpp.Steps to...
  12. JadaDev

    Level 80 to 255

    ❤️ Np bro @treetree hopefully you'll also consider checking the All Races All Classes version of this at this link
  13. JadaDev

    [SHARE][EPIC RELEASE] The Ultimate Classic Bundle By Samibotss [ALPHA/VANILLA/TBC/WOTLK]

    Some good stuff needs to be kept alive!
  14. JadaDev

    Level 80 to 255

    I wouldn't really suggest that, since that's a very old SQL also this does the trick professionally and got all the needed changes in order for everything to work properly, this won't give you a single Error after it's been done properly.
  15. JadaDev

    Level 80 to 255

    This is the fully SQL Side, you need to do the Core Edits to allow XP to go further Easy instruction is :Open DBCenums.h which could be found in : src\server\shared\DataStores\DBCenums.hThen Edit :#pragma pack(pop) enum LevelLimit : uint8 { // Client expected level limitation, like as...
  16. JadaDev

    Person Below Me (Forum Game)

    False. The person below me has his boss's wife number.
  17. JadaDev

    Repack Generator

    No Idea tbh, but as i still think it's not very important thing to do nowdays, a lot of tutorials all around the internet and even on wowemu lots of similar tutorials, so it's kinda waste of time ?
  18. JadaDev

    Repack Generator

    Good idea, possible to do, requires huge long work and will cost a lot since a compiling will be required and by means huge hardware usage and a whole system to manage it. I would say this will never happen any soon, and maybe never will but a similar Idea would be a tool that could be installed...
  19. JadaDev

    Super Power User | Legend

    When you have started the forum, you made the ranks[Banners] with this order : Member, Senior, Power User, Super Power User, Legend and in order to get to the next rank you need to buy the previous for credit points. I've been collecting my credits to get to my next rank but all of sudden the...
  20. JadaDev

    Official Changelog #14 - Top Member Tag

    Great title/badge to have, hope poeple will be more encouraged to make more content for other members!






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