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  1. JadaDev

    Hunter Pet

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Hunter Pet - This script gives the player happiness to his pet and also has option to reset the pet talent.Read more about this resource...
  2. JadaDev

    ItemExtendedCost Price Maker Tool

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:ItemExtendedCost Price Maker Tool - This tool works perfectly if you used FULL SET Maker V5.Read more about this resource...
  3. JadaDev

    [C++]Levelup 80 to 255 Latest TrinityCore

    How to Extend Level Cap from 80 to 255 in TrinityCore This guide will help you increase the level cap for characters from 80 to 255 in World of Warcraft TrinityCore. We'll make the necessary code changes in the player.cpp file located at src\server\game\Entities\player\player.cpp.Steps to...
  4. JadaDev

    Super Power User | Legend

    When you have started the forum, you made the ranks[Banners] with this order : Member, Senior, Power User, Super Power User, Legend and in order to get to the next rank you need to buy the previous for credit points. I've been collecting my credits to get to my next rank but all of sudden the...
  5. JadaDev

    Level 80 to 255

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Level 80 to 255 - Increase the maximum level range from 80 to 255Read more about this resource...C++ Edits :Open DBCenums.h which could be found in : src\server\shared\DataStores\DBCenums.hThen Edit : C++: #pragma...
  6. JadaDev

    ARAC Level 255 Full SQL + PATCH

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:ARAC Level 255 Full SQL + PATCH - ARAC Level 255, Custom SQL script that allows players to create characters with all classes and raceRead more about this resource...
  7. JadaDev

    [LUA][3.3.5][WOTLK]Leveling Bonus Script

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:[LUA][3.3.5][WOTLK]Leveling Bonus Script - Lua script that gives the player item(s) and gold if reaches X levelRead more about this resource...
  8. JadaDev

    [TrinityCore] Reviving Script [Areas]

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:[TrinityCore] Reviving Script [Areas] - This Script will revive the player if he gets killed inside a specified Area/dungeonRead more about this resource...
  9. JadaDev

    A Late Greetings but it is what it is!

    Hi Guys, I'm very happy to be here and I'm happier to see lot of my friends around. I want to thank the forums moderators and administrator for giving us such a great space. My real name is Mohamed and I'm from Tunisia, I quit school when i was 13 years old and went to work to get money for...
  10. JadaDev

    [TrinityCore] 3.3.5a All Talents When Character Created

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:[TrinityCore] 3.3.5a All Talents When Character Created - Gives the player all talents when the character is created!Read more about this resource...
  11. JadaDev

    Faction Change Script

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Faction Change Script - Faction ChangeRead more about this resource...
  12. JadaDev

    [SHARE] Hidden DisplayID

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:[SHARE] Hidden DisplayID - This was made by SplichoRead more about this resource...
  13. JadaDev

    Hyjal Teleport

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Hyjal Teleport - This will allow you to go to HyjalRead more about this resource...
  14. JadaDev

    [SHARE][EPIC RELEASE] The Ultimate Classic Bundle By Samibotss [ALPHA/VANILLA/TBC/WOTLK]

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:[SHARE][EPIC RELEASE] The Ultimate Classic Bundle By Samibotss [ALPHA/VANILLA/TBC/WOTLK] - Repack TrinityCore NPCBots+Eluna+Extras 3.3.5a 2022Read more about this resource...
  15. JadaDev

    Set Players Sanctuary / PvP / FFA for Areas and Zones NO DBC

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Set Players Sanctuary / PvP / FFA for Areas and Zones NO DBC - This will set players mode pvp or sanctuary to the specified areas or zonesRead more about this resource...
  16. JadaDev

    Custom Item Fix for 3.3.5

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Custom Item Fix for 3.3.5 - Only Sharing, This post was made by : kebabstormRead more about this resource...
  17. JadaDev

    [TrinityCore 3.3.5]Played Time Reward System

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:[TrinityCore 3.3.5]Played Time Reward System - This is an easy to use system that could be manageble directly from your database.Read more about this resource...
  18. JadaDev

    Jeutie Restarter Application

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:Jeutie Restarter Application - This application can be used to start auth, worldserver, mysql and apacheRead more about this resource...
  19. JadaDev

    What's Your Browser? Extensions ?

    So it's very simple i want to know which browser you're using and which extensions you installed on it and the list of browsers you used in the past. If possible include download links.Using : Extensions : Used : Favorite : Why Favorite : # Can be BlankI startUsing : Mozilla FireFox...
  20. JadaDev

    [TrinityCore]Updated Arena 1v1 Script

    JadaDev submitted a new resource:[TrinityCore]Updated Arena 1v1 Script - This script was updated to latest trinitycore 12/27/2022How to setup : https://github.com/JadaDev/npc_arena_1v1/blob/main/README.mdRead more about this resource...






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